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paulhartigan: NT Wright's critical realism and understanding of history: After coming back to New Testament theology following many years’ absence I have found the work of NT Wright invigorating- I wish I had had something like his conceptiion of the scriptures... (05/02/2005 - 09:27 | 2 comments | 0 stars)
ericboehmer: Proclamation summary: Recently, a Christian friend who is working in East Asia, and with whom I correspond, has been asking timely, for him, questions about how to talk about Jesus to people who have no religious... (04/02/2005 - 18:08 | 20 comments | 0 stars)
peter wilkinson: A pretty ambitious attempt at synthesis of many ideas: Andrew’s image which helps to govern a way of thinking about Christian theology is of the glass door of history: we look at it from one side, but we need to try to approach it from the other... (04/02/2005 - 14:29 | 4 comments | 0 stars)
john: Will anyone share my appal?: One of the joys of this website is consistently being asked to see things from a different point of view. The recent “Jerry Springer - the Opera” issue divided Christians sharply: from... (01/02/2005 - 14:38 | 2 comments | 0 stars)
del dominus: The Cultural Mandate: I’m currently reading a book by Nancy Pearcey titled “Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity.” She states the following: “In Genesis, God gives... (01/02/2005 - 03:01 | 0 comments | 5 stars)
Dissident Heart: Who do you say that I am?: For me, the basic tenet of Jesus was to place love above every basic tenet. Humanity is the Lord of all ritual, and ritual serves Humanity, not the other way around. The Love of God is not something... (25/01/2005 - 00:32 | 1 comments | 0 stars)
Ivan Latham: Revelation 12 | Marian Significance: Are there any other Protestant-rooted individuals out there who have taken the time to really examine the significance of Mary to the Church from a Biblical point of view? I was reared in a strictly... (22/01/2005 - 08:18 | 68 comments | 2.5 stars)
edward pillar: Derren Brown - Messiah?: Derren Brown – Messiah I’m wondering if anyone else here saw the programme on Channel 4 a couple of weeks ago. It was fascinating. In case you didn’t below is a brief synopsis of... (19/01/2005 - 20:50 | 9 comments | 5 stars)
sharktacos: A grace centered approach to the atonement: Reading these discussions on the atonement I wanted to join in by sharing a paper I have written called Vicarious Atonement vs. Christus Victor: Understanding the Cross from the perspective of... (18/01/2005 - 09:06 | 1 comments | 0 stars)
john: A 'Lamb'-centred atonement theory: Having spent my entire adult lifetime as an learner of Jesus, the Messiah, in all that time, I've never been aware of having any dependency upon a theory or even an understanding of "atonement." It... (16/01/2005 - 23:22 | 34 comments | 0 stars)
john: Wound up by Springer?: I only discovered the raging controversy surrounding the screening of the “Jerry Springer – the Opera” show on BBC television, around about the actual time of its screening, last ... (09/01/2005 - 23:46 | 13 comments | 0 stars)
del dominus: emerging truth?: I find myself in agreement with an “emerging” focus on highly creative approaches to worship, and a fresh holistic approach to the role of the church in society. however… I am... (09/01/2005 - 09:39 | 11 comments | 0 stars)
john: Was this wrath?: Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, reportedly pointed out that the tsunami could well test people's faith in God. This theme was picked up in an interesting online BBC magazine article... (04/01/2005 - 15:46 | 3 comments | 0 stars)
tas: Channel four's 'Who wrote the Bible?'...comments please!: This is my first post so i just wanted to open up a discussion having seen Ch4’s Christmas day program ‘who wrote the bible?’ I was wondering what people out there thought. I... (27/12/2004 - 19:59 | 9 comments | 0 stars)
DanSteiger: The Gift of Spiritual Friendship: A Story to Set the Stage The life streams of Bill, Albert and Derek have once again converged on this dreary Monday evening. The three leaders have gathered to connect and share their... (15/12/2004 - 19:29 | 0 comments | 4.8 stars)
Andrew: Cultural hostility: The following quote is taken from a Times Comment article in which Michael Gove discusses cultural hostility towards Christianity in the UK. It was prompted by the recent fuss over the Madame... (14/12/2004 - 18:48 | 9 comments | 0 stars)
Bob Hyatt: The Problem with Programs (or Bigger is No Longer Better): One of the great lies of modern society is “one size fits all.” With the disparity in people’s sizes increasing (read: many of us are getting bigger and bigger), “one size... (13/12/2004 - 22:37 | 14 comments | 5 stars)
bigal: A Patient Pursuit: Having grown up as a Christian and having been on a quest to “be spiritual” and draw close to God for some 30+ years, I find myself still struggling with how to get there. New forms of... (09/12/2004 - 17:40 | 1 comments | 0 stars)
jnana: crucifixion: cross or post?: Was Jesus crucified on cross (hands outstretched) or on a post (hands over head)? (07/12/2004 - 06:07 | 1 comments | 0 stars)
rogier: A generous spirituality: Evangelical responses to the paradigm shift we are currently experiencing in the western world have focused for the most part on the deconstructionist tendencies of postmodernism. Led by philosophers... (30/11/2004 - 11:26 | 1 comments | 0 stars)
Andrew: Atonement discussion: Because the atonement thread was getting so overloaded, joeblow agreed to break the topic up into a number of sub-questions. He’s now done that (for which many thanks!), so let’s see if... (29/11/2004 - 17:59 | 3 comments | 0 stars)
kmacnish: Bibliography: Coelho, Paul. The Alchemist. Harper Collins, London, 1999. Coupland, Douglas. Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. Abacus, London, 1996. ________. Life After God. Scribner, London, 2002.... (29/11/2004 - 17:51 | 0 comments | 0 stars)
kmacnish: Conclusion: Conclusion I would like to conclude with a few closing comments and then a reading from Douglas Coupland’s Life After God, which I hope will resonate with at least some of what I have been... (29/11/2004 - 17:48 | 0 comments | 0 stars)
kmacnish: Case Study 1: The Development of Philosophical Thought: There are many ways to break up history, different focal points we can take depending on our interests which will all add to the rich tapestry of our knowledge of the past. This is of course also... (29/11/2004 - 17:46 | 0 comments | 0 stars)
kmacnish: Case Study 2: The Image of the Desert as Point of Reference for Spirituality: Moving from a vast sweep of philosophy, I want to turn now to a more focussed look at the imagery of the desert as a reference point for spirituality in the Bible, in the medieval period, and in... (29/11/2004 - 17:46 | 0 comments | 0 stars)
kmacnish: History and Spirituality: Keven Macnish What, therefore, have we to do with questions of philosophy? He to whom the Eternal Word speaks is free from theorizing. Far from this Word are all things and of Him all... (29/11/2004 - 17:40 | 0 comments | 0 stars)
joeblow: The Atonement - Why do we need (theories of) the atonement?: The point of this topic is twofold:How did the church respond in their thinking, praxis and mission in understanding Jesus’ death (and resurrection) as an atonement? - immediately, in era... (29/11/2004 - 17:04 | 1 comments | 0 stars)
joeblow: The Atonement - Atonement Theories: The three main theories of the atonement are: Christus Victor (after Gustav Aulen), which has a historical Ransom element to it and of late has had a renaissance in understanding as a victory of God... (29/11/2004 - 16:50 | 20 comments | 2.3 stars)
joeblow: The Atonement - Jesus and the Victory of God - How did Jesus conceive his death?: Vital to our understanding of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is his own understanding and assignment of meaning. How could Jesus have seen his own death (and resurrection)? How did Jesus... (29/11/2004 - 16:26 | 3 comments | 0 stars)
joeblow: The Atonement - Biblical Concept - What is justice?: When working with the atonement, possibly the most important faith-element is the cluster of ideas, themes, values and belief that could be put together under the heading of Justice - justice,... (29/11/2004 - 16:08 | 6 comments | 1 stars)