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in the beginning man walked away from God and invented religion.....

God is God, religion is religion. man made religion, it is nothing to do with God. Jesus hated the very form of organised religion, especially the modern day examples of (so-called) “Christianity” based on greed and power that we see today. it was as rife in Jesus’ time as it is now, he spoke and fought against it , they killed him for it , and then they twisted his words and claimed them as their own. Jesus will be back, all you people who claim to be spreading his word better be prepared for a big shock.

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Your point is?

I don’t know if you have any intention of coming back to this post, but that’s really not a very constructive way of making your point. First, on what basis do you claim that Jesus ‘hated the very form of organised religion’? Secondly, not every form of organised religion is ‘based on greed and power’. Thirdly, you need to be clearer whom you mean when you refer to ‘all you people who claim to be spreading his word’. What exactly are you complaining about? Is this just a rant or is there something you actually want to discuss?

thinking through the issues

On Sunday evening the young people in our fellowship led an evening celebration service. One of their friends had come to play the guitar with them, during an open time of sharing this brave young man stood up and gave a number of reasons for why he does not have faith, these included problems he has with organised religion and power structures. What he saw though was a community of faith at worship, this young man is stating the same objections to organised religion as rrich_hard, but within it seeing something more. It will be profitable to enter into a meaningful dialogue with him and where necessary to apologise for terrible acts that have been committed in the name of Christ.

I think we all have frustrations with the structures surrounding our churches and feel frustrated at times about the constraints that make us seem less than authentic but surely we need to work together to discover what it is to be a real community of faith rather than walking away.

Dare I say that those who first followed Jesus became as we know the church as we have it today with all its faults and flaws. God loves us and I believe there is hope, we need to learn to practice a generous gracious orthodoxy towards one another, perhaps this is our greatest challenge.

Sally's appeal for us all to

Sally’s appeal for us all to ‘discover what it is to be a real community of faith’ is an apt opportunity for me to just say that, despite our varied viewpoints and differences, I for one feel privileged to be able to discuss and share thoughts/experiences etc. with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Regardless of how much we have to agree to disagree, we are surely all one in Christ Jesus. Thanks folks!

Re: Sally's appeal for us all to

I would like to thank you all for taking on this discussion in the spirit of love. Jesus did not invent religion, it is man made. Which church did Jesus found? Many make this claim. We need to get away from theology and get back to the reason Jesus died to be vital as an organization. Until this happens I believe the church will continue to slide into insignificance. There are just too many educated people today. They cant be fooled. We cant worship Jesus and the god of apathy at the same time. He told us to put away idols.

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