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A grace centered approach to the atonement

Reading these discussions on the atonement I wanted to join in by sharing a paper I have written called Vicarious Atonement vs. Christus Victor: Understanding the Cross from the perspective of grace rather than legalism

The article is divided up into four parts

Part 1 looks at Satisfaction-Doctrine (penal substitution) and what is wrong with it and offers an alternate understanding of justice based on the Old Testament Prophets

Part 2 takes a look at the biblical concepts of the temple, sacrifice and the law in order to understand them in their biblical context.

Part 3 explores some alternate ways to understand the cross, endeavoring to recover the radical life-giving witness of the early church and scriptures. Primarily focusing on the Christus Victor view, reformulated for (post?)modern ears - not to water it down, but to help us to get to the core issues there and more deeply understand them.

Part 4 explores the idea of the messianic hope at the time of Jesus, tracing it back to the defining narrative of the Hebrews - the Exodus, and what that understanding of the messianic hope means in light of Issiah 53.

It contrasts this view "liberation" paradigm with the "penance" paradigm of Satisfaction Doctrine. I’ve found the comments on these boards to be uncommonly and refreshingly insightful and I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on these articles.

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Wow! What a stimulating paper. I’ll e-mail you privately with some technical comments, but just wanted to say I really like the direction in which you’re pointing us.

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