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Advice to bad poets

My advice to the ‘bad poets’ who are finding that their conversation is approaching a vanishing point is to change the comment viewing options at the bottom of the page to ‘flat list expanded’, though that removes the threaded structure. The little orange arrow that now appears under the comment title is a link to the parent comment, which may help the navigation of complex threads.

The better option really, if you think your comment might be setting off at a tangent, is to start a new thread. In this case I have cut off the offending branch and, having resisted the temptation to consign it to the eternal fire, have repotted it.

The picture is of William Topaz McGonagall, generally reckoned to be one of the worst poets in the English Language.

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Re: Advice to bad poets

Much appreciated, although I think any substantive discussion has ceased at this point.


nothing lasts.
nothing is finished.
nothing is perfect.

Re: Advice to bad poets

Entertaining advice.

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