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Re: The Sir Toby correspondence

Re: The Sir Toby correspondence

This is highly irregular. Of course the General Editor can sort the Oflan’gan narrative into the appropriate section of the appropriate volume. However, I agree that we must pause to consider the precise nature of the irregularity.

In this (ponderous and pedantic) thread we already confront a temporal irregularity, namely the construction of a Preface to the Sir Toby’s Chronicles after the Book has already been published. Now, inside the (seemingly interminable) unfolding of this Preface, Sir Toby’s itself is suddenly made manifest!

Let’s review what transpired just before the anomalous Sir Toby’s fragment materialized inside the Preface. A commenter had (mercifully) interrupted the (long-winded) prefatory discourse with a terse question, prompting the writer of the Preface to reply. The writer entered into a temporary fugue state during which he offered this speculative heresy:

I am not real in and of myself; I become real only when people talk about me.”

Is it conceivable that we’ve just witnessed a manifestation of this very phenomenon as applied to Sir Toby’s Reality? It seems that the chronicling of that Reality, and the Prefatory chronicling of that chronicling, together established the conditions making possible the irruption of the Reality itself!

Regarding the content of this fragment, at first I was tempted to assign it to the nebulous category of “back story” for this new Theologian. However, the text does present the narrative thrust and the hint of future developments characteristic of a nascent Episode. Perhaps the General Editor should withhold judgment temporarily to see what develops?

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