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Re: “Proper” and “Rightly”: How Conservative Evangelicals Creat

Re: “Proper” and “Rightly”: How Conservative Evangelicals Creat

Jacob, thanks for your further clarification.

I also agree with the other observation that using the labels, “conservative” and “evangelical” is a weakness in your point. If these words distort their message, then they must also distort your message. As a matter of course, if you really believed there was no “proper” understanding of Scripture, you would not even be making this post. But because you do make this post, you make clear that you think there is a right and wrong. You make clear that those you label “evangelical/conservative” are wrong and you are right.

Now if I understand correctly your response to my first question, you are suggesting that there is no universal truth, except, of course, for the truth you posit here that “there is no universal truth.” Yet since you are a product of your time and culture, why should I be persuaded to embrace your culturally-conditioned and transitory truth? How is it that your truth is universal when all other truths are temporal? And, how did you discover this one universal truth?

You have a gift for logical paradox Jacob and I look forward to your answer :-)

“Proper” and “Rightly”: How Conservative Evangelicals Creatively Manage the Scriptures By: Jacob (23 replies) 16 March, 2008 - 21:58