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Re: “Proper” and “Rightly”: How Conservative Evangelicals Creat

Re: “Proper” and “Rightly”: How Conservative Evangelicals Creat

The possibilities that I speak of draw from the examples I spoke about in the original post.

Who is Jesus? I have no desire to “nail that down,” as John Chisham does. I say Jesus is who the Bible says he is.

Do emergent believers need a statement of faith? As John Chisham suggests they must. Not really. Again, the Bible is my statement of faith.

By possibilities, I mean that we don’t need to nail down the proper, right, one and only, true and unquestionable interpretation. We may have a strong desire for that sense of certainty, but we don’t need to nail anything down.

I think we should fearfully trust in God and follow as best we can in the way of Jesus. And leave it at that.

“Proper” and “Rightly”: How Conservative Evangelicals Creatively Manage the Scriptures By: Jacob (23 replies) 16 March, 2008 - 21:58