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from one pharisee to another

from one pharisee to another

dude… your casually dismissive and smarter-than-thou attitude is really, really annoying.
I’m glad that your orthodox, anglican church got it right. Congrats! That means the article didn’t really pertain to you. It was for all those young people at First Baptist Church who have a more global outlook on life, realize that the people they are trying to reach are not nearly so homogenous when it comes to patriotism and are tired of having to apologize for over-the-top displays of patriotism in church.

It sounds as though the service you attended and the sermon you heard on the 4th pretty well summed up what I said in the article, so what’s the issue?

Read the article again. Note the nice things I have to say about America. Do your best to understand the underlying theological concepts expressed. Get over your knee-jerk reaction to criticism of a Christianity tied a little too closely to Nationalism… it aparently doesn’t apply to you.

bob hyatt
lead pastor: the evergreen community

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