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From the North

From the North

Well I’m your neighbor to the North and many would argue that we are practically a colony, so what happens down there affects us.

Canada has her own set of problems but patriotism is not really one of them. We too have our committed crimes against the native peoples. We also have deep rooted hurt between the French Canadians and the English Canadians. Some of which is being addressed at a spiritual level as we speak in Montreal.


The disdain, anger, resentment and “we won’t take anymore” attitude is pretty much world-wide in relation to US policy, arrogance and empire. But I don’t believe it’s going to be a second coming of some sort that will end US dominance but rather a grassroots movement of awakened earth citizens. The contrast between those who care for humanity’s future and are willing to work together for peace and those who will use force, co-ersion and power to maintain control is becoming more and more clear everyday.

To quote Bruce Cockburn in his song “Santiago Sunrise”:

See them rising like grass through cement”

granted the cement of the empires “paving” will remain for many years to come but rising from beneath is an unstoppable force. The picture is an unused highway cracking and blistering and grass, weeds, flowers and trees growing up from underneath, making the cracks even wider. This is what we all need personally, allowing God to grow something from the depths of our heart that forces out the pavement of modernism and it’s something we need nationally and globally.

No Empires don’t fall from some force above, they crumble from within and life will go on…LIFE will go on.

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Paul Seburn

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