OST is closed for business but its spirit survives on my blog.

spirits moving in unison

spirits moving in unison

Hi. I have never been to this site before, but I was brought in by the pingSociety system.

I couldn’t help but coming here when I saw the headline and saw that it was similar in sentiment to what I have just posted also. I think you will not agree perhaps if you read my post on http://weblogs.ar-den.com, but the basic idea is the same: we are supposed to be children of God, not made in America’s image. I have a plan brewing to turn the tables peacefully if you care to look into it. The overall stuff will be released 7/4/2004, but theres lots of intro stuff on my blog.

Great work!

Profoundly Disturbed on the Fourth of July (Redux): God, the Flag and the End of America By: Bob Hyatt (13 replies) 25 June, 2004 - 00:24