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Three questions

Three questions

Hi PastorPete

You have suggested that homosexuality be considered in light of answers to three Pauline questions- whether

1) it is beneficial, 2) it builds up, and 3) it involves being dominated.

These questions could apply to behaviour that is morally neutral but which might be objected to on other grounds (over-eating) or which is morally ambivalent (pointing out another’s faults) but I do not think that the contra side of the debate see homosexuality as either morally neutral or morally ambiguous.

They regard it as unambiguously sinful and thus assimilable to lying, rape or murder.

However I like you three questions idea. Here are mine

1) Does the Bible unambiguously condemn homosexuality as a sin?

2) Do Christians accept every prohibition or endorsement of sexuality contained in the Bible?

3) Is the Bible an inerrant guide in questions of morality?

If homosexuality is to be condemned the answer to all three questions must be yes. My answers are as follows

1) Possibly

2) No

3) No

A New Way to Dialogue about Homosexuality By: PastorPete (63 replies) 22 December, 2005 - 04:47