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Childrens Ministries - Sunday School

Childrens Ministries - Sunday School

My wife and I have been involved in children’s ministries for nearly 15 years. We have found that the best childrens ministries are full of fun and learning in practical ways, something traditional Sunday Schools don’t offer. Look at programs like Awanas or Royal Rangers and Missionettes. These programs run on Wednesday night and they mix games, camping skills, and bible study. These programs tend to draw leaders that have energy and love kids.

These type programs are also great for outreach. I started a van ministry and we brought 1000 kids to Wednesday night kids programs over 9 years with 3 or 4 vans. All of them were from homes where the parents did not go to church and most accepted Christ as saviour. We tried doing this for Sunday School and it never worked well. I think Sunday morning is a bad time for outreach.

I wish more adult ministries could generate this kind of draw and relevance to the community.

We tend to want to skip the adult services on Sundays and be involved in fun and practical childrens ministries on Wednesday nights.

And what of "Sunday School"? By: xyb (11 replies) 27 May, 2006 - 03:10