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Fantastic! Putting together

Fantastic! Putting together

Fantastic! Putting together what you say with the whole “mission” and “purpose” makes it all make sense to me.

I was assuming that children’s education needed to take place separately, because, of course, they couldn’t possibly understand what the ‘big people’ were talking about.

Must we entertain our children with puppet shows while we “do serious worship” in “the big room?” Am I barking up the wrong tree?

After all, as in the small group/bible study example, my kids learned how to pray for others by participating at the big table, rather than watching Veggie Tales.

Thank you *so* much, everyone, for your insights! I feel so much better now, without knowing what the solution is. Bring on the curriculum, but I’ll still probably continue to plop little kids on my lap and read to them, then sing songs in a circle.

After all, is it more important to live Christ-like love, or have an audience devoid of squirming children and the occasional cry of a baby?

And what of "Sunday School"? By: xyb (11 replies) 27 May, 2006 - 03:10