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Living our teaching

Living our teaching

While the question “What should we teach?” is unquestionably valid and worthy of discussion, I think it is always important when we address this issue to remember what it means to model Christ-like virtue and lifestyle as well.

I have been a Sunday school teacher to young children for eight years and plan on being one for the remainder of my days. But I often reflect on the fact that if they learn all of the stories and verses, but learn them from someone who does not love them, it is kind of all for naught. And if my children learn relatively little throughout the year but leave saying, “My Sunday school teacher loves me,” then they are on the right path.

I am suspicious that this is one of the core problems that affect Sunday school ministries in the U.S., anyway. So go ahead and do the work of creating curriculum and teaching the faith. But do it in a way that manifests the love the Christ has for all of his little children.

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