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No fear of the generous hand

No fear of the generous hand

Kyle (aka armothe),

As I said in the original post, I am here to present another perspective.  I’ve “smeared” no one — It is TRUE that Virgil Vaduva & planetpreterist tried to trademark the term preterism.  It is TRUE that Virgil Vaduva wrote an article where he puffs himself up as some sort of leader while he looks down on “small” people.

It might be relevant to the readers that you are an admin of planetpreterist, that way they can see why you are defending these SELF-pride actions. You are hardly an objective observer.

Just because others are afraid to “bite the generous hand” of Virgil Vaduva & planetpreterist.com doesn’t mean everyone will just sit back while you guys highjack the fulfilled view (from your attempts to trademark it, to your threats of suing fellow Christians who use the term in a manner in which you don’t agree, to calling people “small” for not joining you in your egotism).

You don’t own the term or the concept, by presenting yourselves as if you do is dishonest & I’m not sure why the Emergent community or any community would want to partner with that kind of character.  I have asked Virgil to repent several times, so that perhaps we can get back to a bible-based, Christ-based focus, but he refuses to even admit his arrogance, thus I & others will keep offering different perspective, to “Virgilism”.

Let God be true & every man a liar (in comparison to Him)



Brian McLaren and preterism By: Andrew (17 replies) 31 January, 2006 - 16:57