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The voice of Preterism?

The voice of Preterism?

Hello & greetings in Christ Jesus.

My name is Roderick Edwards, I too have been a preterist for about 15 years.  As way of introduction with no egotism intended, I was the most prolific columnist on planetpreterist.com (PP) since its inception until about a year ago when the administrators of PP began to move more in a pop-psychological direction of ambiguity & relativism. I had actually left the site because of it, & was later asked to come back.  But then later was banned because the admins did not like to be questioned. Enough of that. 

Preterism & preterists started out as a solidly Bible-based “movement”, but has been tacking away from that for some time now.

There are actually some preterists that say they no longer want to be identified with the label “christian”.

I came here to add another perspective. Virgil Vaduva (& I am saying this with the utmost grace) is NOT the voice of Preterism.  He has shown through many actions that he thinks of himself as the voice of preterism, most pointedly when he attempted to actually trademark the term “preterism”, listing himself & planetpreterist.com as the owners of that trademark (see this link to the U.S. Trademark office

See also this link where he likens his “leadership” as accomplishing “big things” & all other people as being “small” (http://planetpreterist.com/news-2765.html).  I say these things not out of bitterness, but out of true concern.  Such pride & arrogance is not what the kingdom is about.  There are many preterists that are concerned about this “new face” Virgil Vaduva & planetpreterist.com are trying to project.

My point is, the Emergent community should consider that preterism is NOT monolithic — Virgil Vaduva & planetpreterist.com are NOT THE voice of preterism.

There are just as many, if not more preterists that continue to desire a solid bible-based focus. If the Emergent community is bible-based, may I suggest you seek out those type of preterists rather than the pop-psychological type. 

Thank you for your time & consideration. 

In Christ ransomed, risen, & returned —



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