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Re: Brian McLaren and preterism

Re: Brian McLaren and preterism

Certain aspects of preterism strike me as profoundly compatible with emerging theology, particularly its ecological focus (since we aren’t expecting God to rapture us any second)—I think this is what appeals to McLaren (since he deplores what conservative Christianity has done to take our focus away from the here and now).

From the little that I know about preterism, it seems very systematic (dare I say, fundamentalist).  Virgil has pointed out that he and his posse are trying to change this.  This is where I think there is hope for some sort of ‘convergence’.  While I wouldn’t whole-heartedly echo danutz’s thoughts, I think he’s on to something with his emphasis on rediscovering prophecy.  I think this has been one of the strengths of the ‘openness of God’ movement (although it can be quite rigid and systematic at times too—something to be avoided).  Applying openness insights, along with a good deal of contextual analysis (e.g. andrew’s COSM) to preterism seems like a viable project for the EC.


Brian McLaren and preterism By: Andrew (17 replies) 31 January, 2006 - 16:57