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Re: Brian McLaren and preterism

Re: Brian McLaren and preterism

I wouldn’t describe the site as suffering from a surfeit of preterism; it’s important to find out what people mean by ‘preterism’ - there are so many different shades - and that takes time and space.

There is a great deal on ‘planetpreterism.com’ which is of interest, and I have found helpful. A great deal which is novel - and needs to be weighed carefully. It’s easy to misunderstand each other. Virgil speaks in the interview of the ‘realised presence of Christ’ - by which he means the ‘parousia’ of Christ in AD 70. Brian McLaren takes this, I think, to mean a spiritual experience we can enjoy - of the manifest, felt presence of Jesus. Whatever Virgil really meant by the phrase, and the parousia, I think Brian McLaren would have been surprised if it had been spelt out.

The overlap between preterism and emergent church is something that Andrew has thought about more than most, and this is a particular strand of preterism, almost a rediscovery of preterism, but pursuing it in quite a new direction than was understood by the classic preterists.

So, no - the discussion hasn’t died of excess - it needs a great deal more clarification. Brian McLaren seems to me to be a very mild, pastoral man, whose theological views, on the whole, are unexceptionally conservative.

Brian McLaren and preterism By: Andrew (17 replies) 31 January, 2006 - 16:57