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Re: coming right along

Re: coming right along

John - I don’t think evidence of ‘righteousness’ would mean at all certain types of church practice/tradition to the exclusion of others. While I am part of the kind of church you describe, I also hold to the view that one Spirit reception (accompanying belief in Jesus) suffices for both Christian initiation and empowering for mission (although there may be many subsequent fillings with the Spirit). So I’m not a two-stage man - in the Menzies/Dunn debate.

I also hold the view that fruit and gifts of the Spirit are evidenced in all kinds of groups (Christian, that is) -whether there is a belief in pentecostal gifts, baptism in the Spirit or not. There may be different ways in which these are expressed, and a prevalence of certain kinds of gifts in come churches which are not so evident (or evident in different ways) in others. Overall though, I wasn’t making a distinction between some types of churches/groups and others.

In my view, the true test of the Spirit’s presence in any group is the presence of the character and practice of the deeds of Jesus amongst those who profess to be committed to him. This would be evidence of righteousness, which is another way of saying that the new covenant was operative in that group.

My (tentative) beliefs By: Andrew (39 replies) 20 February, 2004 - 20:19