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coming right along

coming right along

Excellent, Peter!

That got a lol (laugh out loud), "priesthood of all believers" - cheeky, but cheerful.

There is certainly a lot to discuss once a few of us have digested a copy. I didn’t get a chance to enlarge upon it at all, but one of the concerns I wanted to highlight was how the eschatological framework Andrew proposes, affects how we actually perceive "the faith entrusted to us" - including the nature of salvation, for example. The book (deliberately) stops short of a lot of these kind of answers, but (equally deliberately) raises the questions.

Meanwhile, I’m interested in pursuing the covenant issue a bit further -

evidence of righteousness would be Spirit-reception and the joining with God’s people who are characterised by the life of the Spirit - gifts and fruit - having Jesus as the focal point and object of their worship and loyalty. 

Could this (tongues-in-cheek) simpy be interpreted as "baptism in the Holy Spirit and going along to one of those charismatic churches that exhibits the fruit of the Spirit"? Is there really no more to new covenant righteousness than that? I appreciate you did say it was overtly simplified.

(What do you say to opening up another forum post, where we properly frame the question we are trying to answer?)

shalom! - john

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