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Re: My (tentative) beliefs

Re: My (tentative) beliefs

Sorry, I did not mean to place Judaism as an option - I was just trying to understand the point you were making.  I take issue with your statement "Judaism is superseded by a way of being the people of God based on a relationship of trust." since it implies that there was no relationship of trust between people and God prior to Jesus.

I prefer not to get into the realm of heaven/hell since I don’t see it as meaningful in terms of faith.  Society has rules that determine good & evil and there are tangible rewards and penalties. 

Being a part of any people (Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, aethiest, whatever) entails both privilege and responsibility.  The holy spirit is a symbol of God’s pressence but his/her pressense alone should not be reason why people do good.

As to the feeling of community - this is where I started with my first post - I am convinced that while belief in Jesus creates a community of like minded people - it divides the greater community.  These divisions are more dangerous than helpful.  If this is truely a temple of "God of the whole world" then belief or not in Jesus or any particular religion would be irrelevent.

Actually, my calling (this was purely an example) was out of my personal interest to help others.  Maybe this had some foundation in faith, maybe not. 

My (tentative) beliefs By: Andrew (39 replies) 20 February, 2004 - 20:19