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Re: A New Way to Dialogue about Homosexuality

Re: A New Way to Dialogue about Homosexuality

Personally I think all men are disgusting looking. Maybe you have a bit more of a homosexual tendency than I do.

It is a fact is that some people have those feelings and some people don’t.  It is therefore an everyday occurence. This decision only pertains to those that already have that attraction inside them.  

Are you suggesting that homosexuals are NOT really attracted to people of the same sex and they just chose to have sex with people that they are not attracted too?  That seems crazy.

If you insist that we have this debate, let us assume for the purpose of debate that being gay is a sin.  Do you think the sin occurs when a person feels an attraction to the same sex or is it only a sin when that attraction has been acted on?  Is it a sin to be gay or to have gay sex?  How about kissing someone of the same sex?  I’m sure that open mouth kissing among non-married heterosexuals would be considered a sin to the authors of the OT.  Would you agree?

A New Way to Dialogue about Homosexuality By: PastorPete (63 replies) 22 December, 2005 - 04:47