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Re: A New Way to Dialogue about Homosexuality

Re: A New Way to Dialogue about Homosexuality

Hi All,

I am new to this forum having just stumbled upon it the other night.  The discussions here are wonderful and well thought out but this particular discussion seems to be missing an important part.  Most of this conversation speaks of the homosexual in the third person as if we only exist "out there" somewhere.  If this conversation is to help us dialogue in a better way regarding homosexuals especially within the church and our impact there, then we need to hear the voices of those we keep referring to in the third person.  I would like to say that pastor Pete’s opening paragraph in this discussion was very enlightning to me and certainly provided me with a better means to discuss homosexuality as it relates to scripture and the church.  So I guess what I’m writing to say is that I would love to add my voice to this discussion not only as a christian but as a gay christian if it is welcome. 

thanks for listening



A New Way to Dialogue about Homosexuality By: PastorPete (63 replies) 22 December, 2005 - 04:47