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Re: A New Way to Dialogue about Homosexuality

Re: A New Way to Dialogue about Homosexuality

I disagree with you CL. I see that biblical interpretation of what is right and wrong has always been seen through the eyes of our particular culture.  If that were not the case then how could you see yourself as living according to scripture while not following the old testament laws for clothing, diet, and worship rituals.  Do you and your wife/husband follow the old testament laws for sexual relations and cleanliness regarding menstral cycles?

Most of our wives would have been stoned to death by the biblical authors for what they now wear to the beach.  You can’t say that we don’t apply a different set of filters on scripture based on our cultural views.

There is not one single person on the planet that even attempts to follow 100% with all of the bibles statements of how to live.   So we all have definately defined right and wrong for ourselves. 

If we didn’t continue to interpret scripture for ourselves then it would cease to be the "living" word of God.  It would be the "dead" word of God.  We must keep it alive by allowing it to live and evolve with the rest of creation.

The question we need to answer here is not if something is right or wrong, but what right and wrong themselves actually mean.  We must emerge into a culture that sees God’s description of right and wrong as warnings to help make our lives more fullfilled rather than laws that when broken sentence us to eternal damnation.  It is ok for us to discourage the pursuit of any lifestyle or choice that causes harm and I would agree that the gay life is more difficult and more often less fullfilling, but that is easy for me to say becasue I chose another path.  I wouldn’t try and push my choice onto someone else that may not have such an easy choice (or possibly no choice at all).

I think the reason you fundamentalists press so hard on the gay community is because you are afraid that God actually won’t punish them in the end and you want to be sure they suffer properly.  I think that maybe you are afraid that grace is actually true. If you are so confident that God will punish them, then why do you see the need to punish them yourselves?  Can’t you just have faith that God will punish them to eternal damnation just like he punishes all the people that decided to eat pork or the ones that didn’t give all they have to the poor and love their neighbors as themselves?  Or does that cause a delima for your own salvation.

A New Way to Dialogue about Homosexuality By: PastorPete (63 replies) 22 December, 2005 - 04:47