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God / Truth Quality / Quantity

God / Truth Quality / Quantity

I agree with a good chunk of your reflection.

I find myself looking at Truth/God with the reality that the very nature of both is infinite ( not all inclusive; for all those relativist out there, i don’t believe they mean the same thing ).
As a result I have trouble seeing how we can ever know God/Truth better ( Quality ). But i can see that we will be able the know God/Truth more ( Quantity ). I enjoy learning and testing epistemology, but i see it more as creating a more efficient tool to uncovering Truth/God with the finite time we have. I don’t necessary believe it ever improve the worth or quality of either, in an infinite perspective.

I guess I look at history past and present ( and personal ) and feel that on the whole, any position that starts to believe that it’s Truth is of a better quality than that of another persons/people group/church very quickly catapults themselves into pride and the very nature off all truth ( Love, Patience, Humility ) is lost from the revelation. (D.Rutland)

I can think of countless times when in history man has used the excuse of revelation as authority for conquest and subjugation, as well as when I have used or had used against me knowledge/Truth for person gratification ( in love, of course ).

To say that we have a better understanding ( Quality ) of truth, can flow into the question are there some parts/elements of Truth / God that are less valuable than others? Or, are there parts of God / Truth which are more perfect or holy?

I feel its more like sin, where although from God’s / Eternity’s perspective all sin has the same punishment in an eternal , the immediate consequences to the world and the offender are often very apparent to us with a more mortal perspective.

I currently am more inclined to believe that in God’s / Eternity’s context all truth is equally valuable, freeing and life imparting.

But from an mortal perspective, some truth has the temporal appearance of having more inherent value. And as such some may feel inclined to feel superior to those ( presently ) without a particular portion of Truth.

Paul kept warning us that,” salvation is by grace ( an undeserved gifted revelation of the Truth / Jesus / God ) through faith, not through works ( self wrought revelation ) least no man should get a fat head ( paraphrase )”.
I believe that all Truth pertaining to the Nature and Person of God come through grace or gifted revelation from him.

I really hope that with the opportunity this time in history presents for the exploration of this new ( to us ) portion of God’s infinite Nature/Creation/Truth, that we don’t fall into the trap of pride, restricting us of the full richness of what we can learn here.


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