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I am interested in your ident

I am interested in your ident

I am interested in your identification of "mono-genes" as the cornerstone of Christian faith. I would have thought that would be something more like "Jesus is Lord."

One way to prevent creeds from splintering the church is to leave out of them everything except those issues which define what a true brother in Christ is. So, for example, I’d leave out most things regarding the end-times, as I’m willing to consider my Christian brothers pre-tribbers, post-tribbers, pretarists, pre-mils, a-mils, etc. I may believe something specific myself, but don’t consider the issue crucial for determining who a Christian is.

This of course lessens a creed’s usefulness for certain other legitimate purposes.

My (tentative) beliefs By: Andrew (39 replies) 20 February, 2004 - 20:19